Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ground Zero 911 Mosque: Does Having the Right Make it Right?

The 9/11 Ground Zero Mosque in Manhattan is creating a political stir. Obama recently said that the group planning on building the large mosque has every right to do so. However, in doing so there is a question: does having the right make it right?

There was a time when America was about common good and decency. There were no fears of offending certain groups, and we lived more by the “golden rule” than by trying to navigate through laws in order to get around social injustices.

If the group building the mosque lived by the “golden rule” this would be a non-issue. They would simply find another site in New York City for their building. It’s that simple. On the flip side, if those against the building were living by such rule, they wouldn’t stereotype people who practice Islam.

And if the leadership in America really truly cared about the common good, discussion would be over the softer social side of the issue instead of the laws written on paper. Sure, the group has the Constitutional right to build a mosque and the government cannot do anything about it because of separation of church and state…but does that make it right?

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  1. I feel that this should NOT even be an issue... move the mosque a few blocks down.. Sure this is America, and they have the right to build the mosque, but its a matter of bad taste. I just finished watching the documentary on the history channel. It brought me to tears, and I live in San Diego, I can't even imagine going through it. Feelings are still very raw. I feel that the mosque builders should take Americas feelings into consideration.


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