Friday, August 27, 2010

Nicole John Ambassador Daughter Dies and Anna Chapman Does Sexy Russian Photo Shoot

Nicole John, daughter of the US Ambassador to Thailand died after falling out of a 25th story window. Anna Chapman, one of the Russian spies who was released during the controversial spy swap, did a sexy photo shoot for the Russian version of Heat magazine.

Nicole John’s death is presumed to be an accident. An eyewitness saw her open the window and climb out on the ledge, and then fall. A camera was found nearby, leading police to believe she stepped outside to take a picture, thinking there was a terrace under the window.

There are some reports which indicate alcohol could have played a factor.

Anna Chapman cannot make money telling her spy story to the world, according to her deportation agreement with the US . However, it appears as if she’s using her sexy appearance to make money. She was recently featured in a photo shoot at a glam upscale hotel near the Kremlin.

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