Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proposition 8, Repealed - What's Next for Gay Rights?

Proposition 8 was repealed after it was passed by California voters. The controversial law made same-sex marriage illegal in California, despite the legalization of gay marriage in San Francisco years earlier. San Francisco along with gay couples sued the state, and Judge Vaughn Walker agreed that the law was unconstitutional.

Appeals have already been filed, showcasing that this battle is far from being over. However, this is as expected - the fight for gay rights has become a modern day civil rights movement. As such, the fight will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court.

What will the end result be? Vaughn Walker's ruling will be used as precedent for other cases. Although same-sex marriage isn't legalized in all states, it's likely that the recent ruling will pave the way for more states to legalize the unions.

There have already been advances in offering the same benefits to same-sex couples as their heterosexual counterparts. Many companies allow insurance coverage on families with domestic partnerships. Adoptions are also possible.

Proposition 8 passed, and then was deemed unconstitutional. The further rulings of higher courts will further expand this issue and likely change the landscape of marriage as we know it.

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