Sunday, August 8, 2010

July Jobs Report: Could Another Benefits Extension Bill S3706 Solve Problem?

The July jobs report is out, and could it be that S.3706, Debbie Stabenow's Tier 5 benefits bill, will be the thing that turns our economy around? There's some doubt that it could help, although there are also many Americans that believe that the revolving door of unemployment benefits will keep the country's economy from collapsing.

S3706 is the first true unemployment extension in a long time. It extends unemployment further for 20 more weeks, bringing eligibility to 119 weeks of benefits. The benefits eligibility is retroactive, although you won't receive benefits retroactively. Furthermore, only states with unemployment rates above 7.5% will be eligible for benefits.

The July jobs report indicated that 131,000 net jobs were lost - most of them due to the waning Census requirements. The private sector added 71,000 jobs, but hardly a drop in the bucket considering the millions of Americans without work.

Those who are unemployed through no fault of their own deserve having another benefits extension. This is especially true for those who have been trying to find jobs with no success thus far.


  1. Glad Debbie hung in there. Nice to know at least one senator cares. Thanks Debbie, we all appreciate you and your efforts to let us live again, even if it is only 20 weeks.

  2. Special thanks, Debbie, for caring about the needs of the unemployed.

  3. I wish I lived in Michigan because I would feel like a had a senator like her that really cares about the paycheck to paycheck people and I would keep her in office as long as she wanted to!!!

  4. She has kind eyes. Not spacey like Sharron Angle. Bless her heart. Wouldn't you know that it takes a good woman!

  5. This extension needs to be FOR ALL STATES! The unemployed in all states need help!

  6. By the time the bill is approved it will be October before the money is in the hands of the unemployed. That's seven months without a check for most. It's wonderful that Senator stebenow introduced the bill. It's just sad that congress didn't stay in Washington to push the bill through before their vacation. I trust the long term unemployed will let their Senators and representatives know families are losing their homes while they are vacationing.

  7. Atleast the Democrrats want to give you something and the Republicans nothing unless you are a wealthy self interest group,ect.Then there is turncoat Democrat Ben Nelson(Nebraska)and he is as phony as that tacky toupee he wears!


  9. I created a wikipage entry for 99ers, if any wiki pros would like to add to or improve it using reliable sources and information, so historically this time in history is documented and remembered.

    When I first submitted it, another person in a senior role with wikipedia messaged me asking if it was widespread enough of a term and said he would remove it if there were no sources on the term being used. So I went in and added multiple sources from ABC News to the Washington Post on the term being used. Apparently some people are completely unaware of what's going on in our world and haven't even heard about the 99ers. They didn't even know 1.4 million American families and growing are going through this.

  10. 20 weeks is not enough I am sorry too many have been waiting 20 weeks or more. It needs to be 52 weeks at least in order for these people to find work in this still poor economy. until unemployed stand up this is not greed they need help the governemnt caused this issue why not help the ones who put these officials in with big salaries, vacations etc. for once it is only right. Senator you would show true support of the people if you would look at the numbers and change this bill to 52 weeks by the time a 20 week bill passes if it does through blocks and delays by holding this over the unemployed heads as before they will fall deeper in trouble show you want them you are awre of the past issues and you really want to help!

  11. For those that are unemployed, underemployed and scared of becoming unemployed there is one important thing you need to do.

    Contact your Senators and House Reps and, in no uncertain terms, let them know that if a Tier 5 and program extension beyond Nov. 30 is not passed by October 31 you will vote against them.
    I suggest you insist they extend the program until Dec. 31, 2011.

    Whether your reps are dem or repub let them know you are serious. Very serious.

    My prediction is that the official unemployment rate will rise to 10-10.5% by December 1. Right now the Dept. of Labor says the U-6 unemployed rate (including all who are 16-64 and not working) is 20.1%. Go to the Dept. of Labor website and look it up. Understand that the standard unemployment rate (currenlty 9.6%) does not include farm workers, business people who have closed their sole proprietorship, people who worked for a business that failed to pay into UI, those that have worked as subcontractors and consultants and no longer have any clients, or the unemployed who, out of desperation and disgust, say they have stopped looking. Factors for the unemployment rate go beyond UI claims and payments. A big part of the official number is based on a survey of 60,000 households every 90 days. If you check "have given up" on that survey you are miraculously no longer unemployed.....

    How much do farm workers effect the real unemployment picture? Consider this. Nebraska has a 4.8% official unemployment rate. Is Senator Bill Nelson's (D-the only Democrate to vote against UI extensions)Nebraska doing that much better than the rest of the nation....absolutely not. It has a huge farm employee sector, which is not counted. That is why Nelson voted against UI extensions while pushing heavy for billion dollar increased in farm aid.

    Also consider this. Those 50-61 facing unemployment are increasingly accepting "early retirement buyouts." This means that they are unemployed but Social Security and pension funds are picking up the unemployment tab.

    It's shifting the problem from employer to retirement fund. Within the next 3 years you are going to see an unprecedented number of public and private retirement funds collapse.

    Bottom line. Total unemployment is upwards of 35-40% in this nation. Add in underemployment and you're looking at 60%+

    If you wait until after the November elections to voice your concern it will be too late. Those elected will marginalize you until the next election and have no fear of immediate retribution. People with highly organized special interest groups, unions such as the Teacher's Unions, and lobbying groups with big numbers behind them get what they want because they have large groups of voters to bargain with. No group is larger than the unemployed/underemployed Americans. We just need to organize and unite. This would be the biggest "special interest" group in the history of America.

    Contact all sitting congressmen and women and threaten them with your vote. "Pass these additional measure by October 31 or I will vote against you!!!"

    To start a movement and organize to save our families and our country contact me at


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