Friday, August 13, 2010

An Unemployment Extension Tier 5, 99er Rally for Benefits

The 2010 unemployment extension with Tier 5 benefits for 99ers is in S3706. A rally of unemployed workers for extension of benefits is underway, as many are hoping that the bill, introduced by Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) will eventually make its way through Congress.

By eventually that means sooner than later, as many of the long term unemployed are having to deal with a lot right now. There is even another $3 billion initiative from the Obama administration that gives certain long-term unemployed homeowners a bridge loan to meet their obligations such as mortgage, interest, and insurance payments. This won't go very far, and is only a drop in the bucket for the financial hardships that the long term unemployed face.

Many of the 99ers are rallying in support of the legislation, hoping that its passage will bring them the relief that they need. There's a lot of the blame game going on. According to NBC, some are not blaming the Republicans, rather the Obama administration for not living up to their promises.


  1. “These Are Federal Emergency Issues Contact Your Congress & The President Now So They Have To Work Through Aug Break!!!”

    Enough is enough! Legal U.S citizens unite! Help take the steps to save our country take our jobs back and stop this illegal immigrant invasion. Support our cause before illegal immigrant criminals have more rights than us. This is our last stand! If other online articles report unemployment is around 20% and there are 310 million in the U.S census reports. Then there is as many as 62 million people in the U.S that are unemployed & are able to work full-time. Do we have to reach 150 million unemployed before we take action? Also we must take steps to lower local city and state councilmen salaries too they are all robbing & hurting the people they serve. So please read and sign this online petition. "Petition to Reduce the Wages of Congress Men and Women from $174,000 per year to $50,000 per year at “’. " Link is below!

    Pass it on!

  2. It is unfortunate that Congress does not vote
    to extend the jobless benefits for the 99ers.
    The fact is the majority of 99ers are giving up
    and not filing for weekly benefits and the states are not showing them in the unemployment
    figures. Do not give up filing every week. You
    have to be counted or they will ignor the problem that we the people did not cause. They
    need to give a 6 month extention along with job training programs to help the unemployed get back into the job market. The skills and job
    contacts are what people need to get back. Give
    Americans' the jobs Not overseas ! GM made a 3rd
    quarter profit from China plants that they opened ! The jobs are need here not Overseas.
    Congress the people need your Help !

  3. NO Unemployment NO $$$$ NO Jobs NO $$$$ I GOT A GUN??? GET ME SOME Food I WILL LIVE Illegal Immigrant can go back home OR get a CAP in that ASS.

  4. Waiting another month to start the yea nay process on S3706 is criminal. 99ers wont see a check for almost a month after the president signs it into law. Our 2 party system is going to be the death of America. To think they can take this matter up a month from now shows how out of touch our government is. Best case scenario is getting a check the first week of October. Great job Senators. You deserve a raise ASAP.

  5. Illegal Immigrant have guns too. so lets take care of us americans first

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  7. Mr Obama,
    Where is HOPE? Where is CHANGE? Where are JOBS? Where is HELP for the lon-term 99ers who have been victimized by their gov who allowed and is STILL allowing jobs exportation? Where is HELP for the PEOPLE, dear Mr. President? This is a disaster situation, can't you see? Americans want jobs but they are not out there yet. Their money to survive has ran out, they need to put food on the table, are you ignoring us, the American people in distress? This is a DISASTER SITUATION, this is not help that needs to be begged, it's our gov obligation to help those in serious danger and distress inside our home, help to the American people! Please get all those lazy senators and responsible personnel back to work and get the bill passed, many of us can't wait till November! Why is it so hard to have this done? Please, when you sit on your dining table with your family for your daily meals, remember the long-term unemployed people and their families, they may not even have food on the table.

  8. I am almost homeless. I need a tier 5-10 to survive. Since the government is not reducing taxes and is creating healthcare no jobs will be on the horizon. Lets march in every city and get this Tier going and in place till unemployment goes back down to 5% however long it takes!

  9. Congress needs to pass this Tier! I will be out of benefits in 2 weeks and need to go directly onto Tier 5. I will not be able to pay Septembers rent. So lets get working this weekend!

  10. Another week of unrewarded job-hunting and here comes the depression along with resentment,anger and rage...the rejections leave my body, mind, and spirit emotional unsteadiness scares me...I am 58 years old ...too young to retire and apparently too old to hire ...We need a tier 5 or a job NOW ...Help Us !!!

  11. congress=corruptionAugust 13, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    u.s.a. congress and senate is a corrupt body of thieves and criminals. vote them all out. we need a revolution in this country.

  12. its a shame that congress dont care about most 99'ers turning suicidal because of them. 99'ers have nothing left to live for. congress has blood on thier hands now. its too late for congress to save face now. the damage has already been done. they cant turn back the hands of time, and it will cost them their senate seat or congressional seat come voting time. congress has no compassion for the american people. all they think about is themselves and how big their corrupt bank accounts are. how dare they!

  13. Illegals are flocking here to get their free health care (we have to find a way to pay for our own, or go without and be turned away from Doctor's offices and hospitals), food stamps, housing, some even got unemployment checks in Colorado (1.5 million dollars worth), but we can't take care of our own people in America who have worked and paid taxes and are now suffering b/c there are NO JOBS, and b/c our tax money is being spent on illegals who have done NOTHING, paid no taxes, committed crimes, and our tax money is also going to middle-eastern countries who hate us and are probably laughing all the way to the bank b/c of how STUPID we are!! Wake up Mr. President and your inane congressmen and take care of those who paid their dues and want to earn an honest living again!

  14. (For racism) you like orange juice, vegetable you like, you like sugar
    you like Swiss watches, Chinese food, you like it and the Japanese car makers, like the votes will not matter which country they come, ohh that good
    but do not like immigrants, cheap fake hypocrites

  15. The government will eventually have to deal with the reality that millions of unemployed Americans are slipping towards homelessness.
    Along with UI funding, the government, corporations and businesses, investors, foreign and domestic, must create job opportunities. Credit for start-ups must also be available to the entrepeneur.
    At this point there are no safety nets for the 99′ers. State governments cannot offer aid to the growing number of destitute. There are not enough resources.
    Ignoring millions of desperate, frightened and disenfranchised citizens is a very bad idea. And what absurd and corrosive partisanship, blaming the unemployed for not finding a job.
    Not dealing with millions of hungry and angry people will cost our government and our country MORE in the long run.
    Even the most self-serving understand that a strong economy benefits not only the fortunate, but the most vulnerable in our country as well.
    It’s time to drop the politics and finger pointing and offer viable solutions to a growing crisis.


  16. i'm a hard working father of three that has worked non stop to provide for my children until my job disapeared.i've been looking for work since i lost my job, been to countless interviews and to fill out i've been without unemployment since june. i'm doing all i can to take care of my family without any income.still pray daily that someone will call about a job.someone please help me i'm at the point where i don't know what i'm going to do.have faith and keep praying for a job or a tier 5

  17. I hope you all are also sending these emails and posts to the White House and your politicans. People go online and type in White House and then contact us and you can either call, write, or send an email. I send one daily in support of the 99ers extension bill. Do the same.

  18. You prove our point for us with your broken ass ENGLISH. Can you say frustrating?

  19. I blame the Republicans because they KEEP BLOCKING IT. Obama had to stress to them to pass it. Seriously, he wanted another jobs bill and the REPBULICANS BLOCKED IT.

  20. american congress and senate are lying, corrupt thieves.

  21. we need a enormous revolution in this country. flood washington d.c. with 65 million people and take over this corrupt government in a coup d'état. lets take our country back from the slime running this country!

  22. We need jobs and tier 5, soon i'm not gonna be able to pay for my rent and internet ... how will i find a job then..

  23. harry reid and nancy pelosi are brown turd lickers.

  24. you gotta fight for your right to the constitution with tooth and nail. vote these political corrupt filthbags out of office. all of them! stand up for yourself! let your voice be heard and take a stand for yourself!

  25. This will be the last not enough people standing up for what is right and now they want Republicans back in our country has lost it!

  26. Yes enough is enough we need to take back our Country, secure our borders, force the elected representatives to be accountable and live by the laws enacted in this Country they are not above the law i.e. Waters, Rangle, Steele, Obama, or anybody else. We need to unite before we lose all our Constitutional Rights. The Representatives should be ashamed for what they have done to this Nation. We need to force them to enact laws to bring back the Jobs to this Country, I suggest taxing all Import Goods from any country that are manufacturing products that were once manufactured here, to the extent that these same goods cost more to buy from them than they would be to manufacture here.Stop the Unions from their destructive ways the Unions have become the problem for which they were fighting. The Lobbyist are also to blame for buying our Representatives, and last but not least stop our Greedy Representatives from voting on these proposed laws for the Lobbyist. VOTE TO SECURE OUR CONSTITUTION THIS NOVEMBER. VOTE TO IMPEACH THIS ANTI-AMERICAN MUSLIM NOW


  28. The Dilapidated Propaganda Of The American Dream

    In order to understand our government; we must consider the powers that be, being a 99er. I believed that President Obama would “hold true to his promise”. Nevertheless; seeing jobs by the millions being outsourced by Corporate America downsizing, greed and complasive CEO’s and politicians. This makes me often wonder. Give Me Liberty OR Give Me Death!!!!!

    My fellow 99er’s our Government has signed a proclamation to your DEATH!! Moreover, our government has formally delivered its dilapidated propaganda of the American dream. However, the 99er’s are the forsaken and forgotten. Our Government commanded the 99er’s to march forward into despair because there are no jobs for us to bear.

    In other words by excluding the 99er’s from the HR4213 bill. We are forced to leave behind the loves ones we once cherished, family heirlooms and treasures of what may have been. Because as a man you feel that you can no longer support their needs or hearts.

    “A man without a Job” is like “a man that does not exist!!!” And without the S.3706 bill extension the 99er’s will not exist!!! But let me say this! My fellow 99’ers; The way congress thinks today is; let’s roll the dice!!! The 99’ers are not important; “let the chips fall as they may” as they did with the 911 responders.

    The Banks here on Wall Street are doing business as usual reporting high earnings; high credit card interest rates. Foreclosure’s for the month of June 2010 was 1.5 million!! National suicide casualties are going unrecognized due to heartless decisions not to report them; but recent media broadcasts and articles introduce their fate. I’m a true believer in GOD. But I often pray and wonder about myself and the other 99’ers future in America today, the land of equality freedom and liberty.

    Again; Congress you give the 99er’s an executive order. As forgotten bewildered broken and soldiers. We command congress to an extension to liberty and justice in the name of survival!!

    Rescue the 99er’s from the depths of despair, suicide, homeless and wondering aimlessly in a barren jobless land because we need jobs. For it is your duty as men not leaders to obey and command your OATH!!! To protect serve your fellow citizen’s without discrimination or malice.

    I hereby command all 99er’s to converge on Washington D.C. on 9/11/2010 in the name of survival and not to sit back as peasants to your own execution. Remember your voice and vote counts. Let Washington hear us as well…. Send your voices, thoughts, concerns and hearts. Yes We Will And Yes We CAN!!!!! Ask Yourself Why? And You Will Never Get An Answer!!

    Rubin. US Copyrights Pending

  29. Socialism NOW!
    Enough of a Federal reserve and Private Banking!
    Why are we the only "Modern" Country not to have universal health care, National Banking, open Universities, and bans upon foreign ownership of our National resources?... they even enforce the placement of Labor Unions at the Boards of Companies....

    For over thirty years we sit and listen to this black mail by the wealthy... "Bail us out with tax breaks, and we will give you jobs!"
    When it is the working class their profits come from.... if we cannot buy it?... they cannot sell it!

    Socialism NOW!

  30. How much longer will we keep putting up with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Our so called representatives don't care about us and why should they, they will never have to worry about losing their jobs or being afraid of being homeless or going hungry. How much longer will we put up with their crap before we do something about it??

  31. I am not a 99er but i know a alot of people that are.Hard working people that have lost there jobs not because they wanted to because these people that sit on thier ass in Washington with thier pockets full giving aid to everyone esle in the world. I was raised to take care of your own and our forefathers instill in this in us.I bet their turnig over in their graves.We still have a voice when we go to the polls and i danm sure going to do all i can do to get red of some them good old boys. I pray that these people get the help they need and congress get off there ass and pass this bill.

  32. Will they be able to pass a tier 5 will congress is on break? Would Obama be able to pass it?

  33. They returned, Thursday, from break to reconvene to vote on border security funding and in remembrance of the late former Sen. Ted Stevens, yet NO word on any Tier 5.

    Begin a rally in your city. Hang flyers. Organize and gather. Be heard.

  34. Rubin,
    Well said, elloquently spoken!
    Wake up, "little" American people, we need to take America back! If we don't do anything for our families who depend on us NOBODY will! WE The People are the real HOPE and CHANGE for our children and their fate. Can we ever forget this? Can we ignore this? Can we affort to "quit"?

  35. We were in the same situation a year ago. People had begun exhausting their maximum benefits during the August recess. There was less opposition to adding more weeks of benefits back then, and it took my state (Ohio) all the way to Thanksgiving to send out a single week of benefits, and it wasn't until the weekend after Christmas that I once again began receiving them every week.

    Make no mistake, we 99ers aren't going to see a penny for several months from now. I'd be shocked if it passes both the House and the Senate much before election day. Last year Tiers 3 and 4 were signed into law on Nov 8. I expect that Tier 5 will be the same way.


  37. This process of letting the benefits expire then waiting for a re-vote is moronic and a slap in the face to all those impacted. This is what need to be done:
    Get rid of all the tiers and extend unemployment benefits until the national unemployment rate gets below 5%. When this happens a continuation of benefits can then be determined based on each individual states UE rate. This is an emergency and needs to be treated as such.
    There is no reason spending cant be scaled back in other areas that provide no value as well as reducing the salaries of the over staffed/over paid government employees. These delusional people in congress need to get off their high horse and realize that the american people hired them and if they fail to do their job then they will be fired. DO YOUR JOB, STOP PANDERING TO THE CORPORATIONS AND BANKS OR GET OUT OF OFFICE.

  38. I want George Bush's head on a silver platter.
    His administration started all this mess.

    Next, target the Republican Congress that voted
    no. They have beautiful cars, home and possessions. You can steal millions.

    Killing doesn't solve anything, but it does
    make a point. If it is the only satisfaction
    and justice I be it.

  39. Republicans are not the only party to blame- all our politicians are involve in the conspiracy- they are all in this together! So, how are we gonna fix the problem? We have to wake up ASAP or we, Americans, will suffer the consequences!
    Do you know why SS is being depleted fast and will be out of funds by 2037 (or earlier)? SSI is giving out SS money to undeserving senior immigrants who comes here by way of petitions from their children on their retirement age, who have not contributed a single penny to our system, but our gov't (SSI) will provide the monthly monetary assistance between $600 to $1000- sometimes even higher than some SS recipients are getting! This is sickening & absurd- only in America!

  40. From John
    Anonymous, who are you? Possibly the typical red state-red neck ignorant. Do you know that the unemployment rate is calculated over teh economicaly active population? Do you know what this means? Sorry to tell you but the inmigrants are the one cleaning your toilets, streets, and doing all the dirty work. If you guys are willing to dirty your hands and work for $7 an hour then you have a point but I don't think so...
    Try to evolve spiritually and become a better person my friend.

  41. Obama(Osama) could pass this today if he gave a shit. Thats what we get by promoting a college teacher to the highest office in the world. All of you who voted for him need your head examined by a independant conservative.

  42. Vote Independants Only into The senate and House. The 2 part system is so antiquated its pathetic, and those that have been in so long, and have their kids follow them, is like someone who starts a business and the kids inherit it. So very Wrong. Their system of entitlement is sickening. The democrats and the republicans would rather sya screw you people and your problems, we have to spend thousands of donated dollars on ourselves, instead of even helping a poor person on the street. Thos who donate to either party, is like helping the Taliban, kill Americans. Its like the Catholics helping to kill millions of jews by turning them over to the Nazi's and also helping to PAY for the defense of child molestors. If Anyone votes either Dem or Republicans, you are helping destroy American, and you have NO RIGHT to com[palin that you lost your job and have no money to live on, you helped put them there to ignore you like a 3rd class person.
    Both parties get offended if We talk of violence, or say they are like Nazi's, well, as for the violence, what happend in the 1700's ??? We stood against the tyranny and over taxation and the Gimme Gimme Gimme attitude of those across the pond and we killed them in Battle, and we also died as well, but we prevailed and won OUR right to be free, and TO HAVE A GOVT THAT TRULY REPRESENTED US, and NOT their self interests. We need to prevail again over such tyranny, even if it is against a Govt that is very much out of control. We dont live and work for them, they took an oath to serve US, not themselves.

  43. Look people, whatever you have lost or about
    to lose, you won't get it back.
    Don't expect help, it's not coming.

    3-5 million people have lost their benefits
    and are already homeless or will be--like me.
    And, this is just the first wave.
    We are now becoming invisible--just what Washington wants. Even our blogs
    our disappearing on the Internet, when we are suppose to have free speech in this country.

    You are about to become homeless and penniless whether you like it or not. There is nothing
    you can do except fend for yourselves any way
    you can. We are abandoned and without much hope

    Think about how you will survive, you won't live
    the life you once had--if you call this living. It's gone, maybe forever. And, it's only going
    to get worse.

    Aid is now going to Pakistan relief, but there
    is no disaster relief for us.

  44. Stop whinning folks. It's over for us.
    If you think help is coming, it's not!!!!
    Whatever you have lost or about to lose, you
    won't save it or regain it back.

    The sooner you deal with the homelessness, pennilessness
    and despair, the better. This is how it is....
    You are abandoned and forgotten by our government
    who got us all into this mess in the first place and
    left to fend for yourselves any way you can. Might
    as well get use to it.
    Even if the economy was on the road to recovery (which
    it isn't), it would take years.

    3-5 million have already lost their benefits and are
    either homeless or will be---like me with a college
    Things will only get worse now that lost unemployment
    benefits will not put money into the economy either.
    Expect more slow downs, layoffs, and even less job opportunities with hundreds more applicants per job.

    The order of today is survival, not living. Think
    about how you can survive on the streets. Don't
    wait for the shock of finding yourself there this
    afternoon or tomorrow morning. Accept and Plan now...

    Be careful, if they pass a Tier 5 and you collect, you could be decreased or delayed in your Social Security benefits.

  45. Any politician refusing to help Americans who have worked most of their lives in this Country don't need to be in office.We have paid for welfare, illegal immigrants, schools, hospitals, contribute to their getting elected. And in our hour of need they turned their backs on us.I don't care how they get the money, just get it and soon. Anyone who is not in favor of 99er's getting an extension should be voted out of office.That goes for Obama too. If u are not talking daily about the Americans who are suffering should be voted out.We should be the most important issue on their agenda.

  46. Marches & Rallies:

    Aug. 28, 2010: Detroit: March for Jobs, Justice and Peace with the UAW

    Sept. 15, 2010: Nationwide: Jobs Emergency Day of Action

    Oct. 2, 2010: Washington, DC: One Nation

    B.P 121580
    Dear Professional,
    This is to inform the above stated professionals that the SAUDI ARAMCO, REPUBLIC OF BENIN. is in need of:
    Human Resources
    Allied Health
    Corporate Planning
    Eng. Economics/Facilities Planning
    Expl. & P.E. Advanced Research Center
    Information Technology
    Mech/Elec/Process Control Engineering
    Operations & Maintenance
    Other Engineering
    Petroleum Engineering
    Physician Specialists
    Production Engineering
    Project Management
    Public Relations
    Refinery Engineering
    Safety & Ind. Security
    Training & Organizational Development

    Welcome to Saudi Aramco Jobs Opportunity. Our company is ranked no. 1 among oil companies worldwide in terms of crude oil production and exports, and is among the leading producers of natural gas.
    Our multinational workforce consists of 54,000 employees from over 50 different nationalities. Every Saudi Aramco employee is a part of a gigantic effort to supply the petroleum products that the world needs.
    All applicants are to possess all of the following:
    (1) Must be fluent in English Language.
    (2) Should possess at least a Diploma in any of the stated fields or must have obtained tutorials on the above said in any institution or center of training.
    (3) Must be computer literate.
    (4) Must have at least six (6) months experience in the above said profession or that which is related to the profession.
    All applicants that have qualified or viewed successful to take up the job based on the scrutiny of their Curriculum Vitae would enjoy and share in the following benefits.
    (1) He/She would be paid an attractive salary in United States Dollars depending on his/her qualifications.
    (2) The job offered would be a family status one and as such would be entitled and privileged to come with his family.
    (3) Free medical care while the contract lasts.
    (4) Educational assistance based on family status employment.
    (5) Quality housing facility for Employee and family.
    All interested applicants are to ONLY forward their Curriculum Vitae to Our HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT for scrutiny with bonafide references in word format attached with the following contact details:
    Engr. Mohammed Arif.
    Designation: Job Recruiter, Saudi Aramco, Republic of Benin.


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