Friday, August 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: Facebook Followers of President Obama "Suckers", offers Free Autographed iPad

Rush Limbaugh called Obama's Facebook followers "suckers" in his latest foray into social media communication.  The talk show host also posted several pictures of his wedding on the site as well, for all the world to see.

Obama has 12.4 million Facebook followers, and according to Rush, these individuals are: suckers.  Of course the claim comes as little shock as Rush isn't exactly the biggest Obama fan.

In a flash of irony, Rush Limbaugh has made his foray into to Social media himself. Of course, he likely doesn't think that HIS fans are suckers. After all - they are all being entered to win their very own iPad signed by none other than the conservative radio show talk show host himself.

Rush has over 272,000 fans so far - but that's merely peanuts when compared to President Obama's bankroll friend list.

But honestly - ask yourself this - how many times do you actually interact with the "famous" people on your Facebook list? Exactly.

So what do you think....are Obama's followers really suckers or are Rush's followers actually "fair weather" followers, only there for the possible free iPad?

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  1. Well, people who generally listen to Rush listen to him often and carefully. However, Obama's fans aren't really fans per say, they might simply like him very much, or they became Obama's facebook friends when he was all hyped up and the new thing. Rush has been around for over a decade or two, and his fans are true fans.


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