Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Colorado Senate Race: Michael Bennet vs. Ken Buck

The 2010 Colorado Senate race with Michael Bennet vs Ken Buck is poised to be the perfect picture of a 2010 election. On one hand you have an incumbent - on the other a conservative candidate backed by the Tea Party.

We all know that in Alaska incumbent Lisa Murkowski was beat by the Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller, and that all over the country incumbents are facing the real possibility that they are going to lose their jobs.


People are ticked off, to say the very least. People are tired of the endless government spending, lies, corruption, and social turmoil.

Ken Buck is the Republican candidate backed by the Tea Party. He's received over $1 million from individuals contributing to his campaign, but only $7,500 from Political Action Committees. He's listed jobs such as truck driver and school coach on his resume.

What are the chances that Buck will be able to unseat Michael Bennet, the incumbent? Bennet is cursed by both being an incumbent and being backed by Obama - so there's two strikes right there. The Tea Party is likely going to push very hard for Buck to be victorious.

This is a race to keep an eye on. Will the Tea Party get their candidate elected, or will Obama and the incumbents be victorious in Colorado?

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