Friday, September 3, 2010

4Chan and "Girl Throws Puppies into River Video" - Internet Sleuths Become Heros?

4Chan were the "bad guys" of the internet, but then the puppy throwing girl and Mary Bale came along. Mary Bale is the lady who placed a cat in a dumpster and was caught on a video surveillance camera.

The puppy throwing girl is 100 times more sinister. In a video you can watch HERE, the girl throws poor defenseless puppies into the Vrbas River in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The horrible thing is, she appears to be enjoying the whole thing. One reader pointed out that drowning unwanted animals is something that has taken place in rural society for ages. However, this looks like a game to her.

She smiles as she tosses the squealing puppies, one by one, into the river.

4Chan users demanded her identity be made known. They are the ones who outed Mary Bale, and as a result the woman needs police protection.

So the same group that caused Jessi Slaughter to break down on video is now going after internet sickos that are cruel to animals on camera.

And you said they couldn't change.


  1. we havent changed weve been doing this for years

  2. You broke rules 1 & 2. Consequences will never be the same. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

  3. .....4chan is still a villain he is just diverting the attention to somebody else, it only works because this bitch is a sinister bastard.

  4. Well 4Chan got this one wrong. Two misidentifications before the local police found the girl.


  5. there is so much more important things in the world than this kids die every day and all people care about are puppies are you serious.this stuff will always happen regardless as much as i love puppies i realize not everyone likes nor will treat animals right have a good day

  6. Why you're retarded enough to defend her killing puppies if you love them so much is beyond me.

    It's not the fact that she's killing them, which is much like the article said. It's the fact that she's enjoying it while doing it, and has the nerve to video tape it? Stuff like this happens every day which everyone is aware of, but there's no need for the public to see someone getting their rocks off for doing it.

  7. We've been doing this shit for years and no one has payed attention until now. Were are still villains. We didn't out this girl because it was "the right thing to do" we did it because when we did we knew she would suffer.

  8. we only do things for the lulz and no other reason if what we do seems like a good thing its because the other option wasn't as funny we are legion we are everyone and no one expect us

  9. How much is a plane ticket to Bosnia?

  10. This has happened before...we fuck with people but goddammit you dont fuck with animals.

  11. 4chan was never bad, it's chaotic neutral.

  12. Good going Legion, you outed a German girl living near Munich as a bosnian who threw puppies in a river in Bosnia.

    Way to get the wrong person

    We are Legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, we get the wrong person, herp derp

    Status: Found by 4CHAN police

    Link to the video:

    Interview with their father:

    Location: Bugojno ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    River: Vrbas

    Girl's name: Ivanka PAvlovic
    Brother's name: Martin Pavlovic
    Brother's internet nickname: Tarankula
    Brother's mail:

    His new youtube account:
    His old youtube account:

    some gaming site where he's active:
    another one:

    police won't do shit. don't let them get away with it

    new link:

    Phone number in bosnia: 061619999
    show me the power of the anonymous right now!!!

    National Dialing-Format:
    0 (30) 2XXXXX
    0 (30) 5XXXXX
    0 (30) 61XXXX
    0 (30) 72XXXX

    CALL THIS BITCH NOW Phone number in bosnia: 061619999 International dialing-Format
    +387 (30) 2XXXXX
    +387 (30) 5XXXXX
    +387 (30) 61XXXX
    +387 (30) 72XXXX

  14. where is video?
    I have to see,please upload again.
    Puppies in Georgia

  15. Anyone who believes that 4chan had anything to do with finding out who the girl was is a stupid fool.

  16. 4chan has been doing this for years. Really. Cracked did an article on this over a year ago.
    Look at the cat bullying case, look at the offenses large or small and how they were dealt with.

    We don't just look the other way when events that SHOULD cause outrage comes knocking at our door. We don't cower behind the idea of "Oh, I don't want to make a scene or cause conflict." We see the problem. We bring retribution. Moreover, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

  17. I love how we're the "bad guys" when we're taing down totalitarian and other cults (we laid siege to $cientology and Westboro Baptists, among others), racist hate inciting radio host blowhards (though turned out Hal Turner was doing COINTELPRO work for the FBI), totalitarian regimes (we were behind Iran's Greenwave and raiding North Korean sites) scummy corporations (numerous), and sleazy politicians and their plots (exposing how Palin dodged FOIA through a private email for gov business, which is illegal, as well Australian's China style censorship idea), yet suddenly by harassing a 14 yr old for spraying a cat with water we're "good guys". The cowardice and hypocrisy of you people makes me sick, and reminds me why the world is as it is. You'd rather us harass someone for messing with a cat than actually doing something worthwhile. You people are spineless, reactionary cowards, and we'll continue to fix 5hit like a cowboy in the wild west whether you aholes side with the true villains or not.

  18. We're anonymus
    anonymus is legion
    anonymus never forgive


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