Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ACORN Pimp Seduces CNN Reporter? Conservatives Diss James O'Keefe

The "ACORN pimp" seduces CNN reporter? James O'Keefe is the "pimp" in the undercover ACORN videos which showcased how funds were mishandled and how ACORN workers abused the law. He's a "new" kind of investigative reporter - one that wants to show the "true" face of the media and the liberal world.

Even if that means lying and deceiving.

O'Keefe planned a meeting with CNN investigative reporter, getting her to come out on a boat filled with adult novelties with the intent of embarrassing her.

She didn't meet O'Keefe the "ACORN Pimp" because she was tipped off minutes before the meet was set.

Any journalist in their right mind wouldn't stand for this type of behavior. The only one who may "appreciate" this as a "joke" would be, of course king of practical jokes Ashton Kutcher. However, even he may have qualms about acting in an unprofessional way towards an investigative reporter.

What are your thoughts on the ACORN Pimp trying to seduce/punk a CNN reportr?

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  1. O'Keefe lied about ACORN. He cut and pasted video fragments into a false story, as every police investigation showed. In fact, ACORN employees reported his pimping claim to the police ... but the corporate media didn't report THAT.

    Then O'Keefe got arrested for trying to do the same to a Senator.

    Now he's planning a sex thing on a reporter. CNN is too gutless to do anything about it.


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