Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama Get out the Vote Rally Attendance Ignored

Obama's "Get out the Vote" rally attendance was largely ignored in the media, despite the attendance far surpassing the expected crowd of 18,000. At the University of Wisconsin, approximately 26,500 people showed up to the rally - which is meant to inspire younger [more liberal] voters to head to the polls this November 2.

The stage is set for a Democratic party slaughter. The anti-incumbent sentiment and the high profile Tea Party movement is expected to cost the Democrats at least some seats during the mid-terms.

There have been some Tea Party rallies that had attendance of 10,000 or so which garnered national attention. The President spoke at this rally and people lined up about a mile to hear the President speak.

The Democrats have a larger reserve of voters than Republicans, but many expect republicans to be more apt to head out and vote this November. Therefore President Obama wants the message to get out there and vote to resonate to everyone.

The only media that covered the Obama Get out the Vote Rally in any sort of detail was MSNBC.


  1. Of course they are ignoring him, he has done nothing to put bread on millions of American plate. He has made everything else important except taking care of the ones who put him in office. He should be working night and day on the Tier 5 and helping the 99er's. I haven't heard him speak once on the topic or about doing something to save people homes, I will vote him out comes the next election!!! He's all mouth and no action!!

  2. How much is Karl Rove and the Koch brothers paying these tired ass fake "media" to fold. There are no true journalists and Faux Noise should be shut down completely. They are all hacks. Doesn't matter though, cause WE know how much important work Obama has done in the last 2 years. WarriorAmazon1 is nothing but a sore lose and liar. Get over it. Obama 2012!


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