Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alaska Primary Election Results: Joe Miller Wins as Lisa Murkowski Concedes

The Alaska primary election was over a week ago, but finally Joe Miller has won after Lisa Murkowski conceded. The Senate race has been too close to call, and has finally come to an end.

Murkowski is the incumbent, and it appears as if she's the latest victim of voter discontent with those who currently hold office.

Joe Miller was pretty much unheard of before this primary election. He's backed by the so-called "Tea Party Express" and former Governor Sarah Palin, showcasing just what an impact that she has on the political landscape.

The margin was narrow between the two candidates. Only 1,630 votes are said to have separated the two.

Discontent with the way the government has been run during the past two years coupled with controversial views on abortion are believed to have played a role in Miller's victory.

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