Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally Attendance and a News Website Launch

Glenn Beck's rally attendance was greater than estimates. Those who attended the Glenn Beck rally are likely very excited about the controversial Fox News commentator's new site.

TheBlaze.com is a place for conservatives to go get their news. Armed with a couple of ads for FreedomWorks.com, an organization that is heavily involved with the Tea Party movement, the site will likely grow in controversy as Beck has over the years.

CBS news reported Glenn Beck's rally attendance to be around 87,000 - although people there and people who viewed the numerous videos and photos indicate that the crowd was at or above the 300,000 mark.

The aftermath of the Glenn Beck rally, attendance controversy, and Beck's comments has been heated as expected. After the rally, he was asked by Chris Wallace about some comments he made about Obama in the past being a racist. Click here to see Beck's shocking results, and his claims that Obama's religion isn't really "Christianity."

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