Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bethany Storro Acid Attack Hoax and Racism

Bethany Storro's acid attack hoax sent the general public on guard for an African American woman with her hair pulled back. In the end, Bethany Storry's acid attack was nothing more than just some sick ploy for attention - a hoax so to speak. While she might think that no one was harmed as a result of her lies and deceit, that's not exactly the case.

There's one woman in particular that actually went into hiding the week that the composite sketch was released because of the shocking similarities between her and the sketch. When she would go out, she would feel people staring at her.

Storro claims that, at 7 pm, she was out and some woman came up to her and said "hey pretty lady want something to drink" and then proceeded to throw the contents of a cup in her face. In the end, this really didn't happen like that and for some reason the injuries were self-inflicted.

Bethany Storro's use of an African American perpetrator indicates a hint of racism in the mind of many media sources and also in the minds of African Americans.


  1. Why not talk about the elephant in the room? Bethany has a sister called Willow Maurice, who is married to and has young kids with, you guessed it, a Black guy. Her parents and brother have been giving the kids plenty of attention, I guess Beth felt left out and decided to help her parents to hate black people by concocting her story.

    Why's the press hiding this sister?

    Here is her Twitter with announcement about Bethany.

    And for good measure, here's a slide show showing photographs of her husband, Scott Maurice, proposing, you can see Beth's mother half way through.

    It's obvious that pure jealousy drove this act.

  2. @Anonymous,
    Are you serious? That's what you are going to judge her based on?
    You are making and assumption about someone before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. Guess what that's the definition of....prejudice. Nice Work!

  3. @Are you serious?

    Of course, shame on me, better to wait until we have the words from someone who burned off her own face then tried to blame it on a non-existent Black lady, whilst claiming divine intervention saved her sight.

    Surely she will give an honest answer. I prefer facts.

    Like the fact that the media have ignored Willow, her husband and kids completely and kept them out of the picture. Plenty of other explanations have been floated yet they ignore the obvious one, plain old-fashioned jealousy. I don't feel the need to await the explanation of a crazy, lying lunatic in order to form a sound theory of her behaviour based on EVIDENCE.

  4. AND...BS said the "black woman" looked "jealous".

    The odd thing about the family, is that the sister's husband is virulently anti-Obama, which makes him fit in nicely with the family's polical views.

    I've seen comments that make sense: BS's perp sketch looks like a female version of Barack Obama.

    Think about it. Brother-in-law is railing against "don't let Obama be the first post-American president". Ultra right-wing crowd there, for sure.

    It all comes out in the (face) wash.

  5. Welcome to America.
    The world we live in is a white supremacist one. America just suffers from a deeper level of it than others


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