Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Pictures Bring Controversy to Scandal

Bishop Eddie Long's pictures bring controversy to the looming scandal plaguing the Atlanta megachurch pastor.  The Bishop Eddie long pictures were allegedly taken to lure the three men who have stepped forward and alleged that the religious leader sexually abused them.

The scandal is so shocking because the Bishop is so strongly against homosexuality.  His church counsels gay individuals to become straight, and he's lobbied to outlaw same-sex marriage laws.  

The photos involved in the scandal showcase the Bishop flexing in front of the mirror wearing tight muscle shirts. These aren't adult only photos and they are entirely safe for work. However, some say that the photos are "proof" of the Bishop's secret gay lifestyle.

There are three who allege that when they were 17 and 18 years old, the megachurch leader enticed them into inappropriate relationship with clothing, jewelry, and lavish trips around the world. 

Long came to the church when it had 150 members.  Membership is now around 25,000 and many prominent entertainers claim to be members of the church.  Furthermore, attendance is around 8,000 every week.  He's been in the position since 1987.

The lawyers for the victims claim that photos, text messages, and emails will prove their case.  However, scandalous photos have yet to surface.


  1. Who cares if his Attorney commissioned him to be careful how he "words" his statements....if you know you're straight, stand-up like a (REAL MAN), and say "I'm Straight; I'm Not Gay....I'm not like Michael Jackson by sleeping with young boys".......and be done with it! If the "Victims' Attorney" spoke profoundly of the pending charges, then he should speak boldly (like he does the Gospel), with his innocence as well!!

  2. It is difficult for a man to admit to being sexually abuse. When Eddie Long spoke - He did not deny sexually abusing anyone and was very dramatic in his exit - like he was an actor - not a "MAN" BEING ACCUSED OF MOLESTATION. Anyone believes this man is innocent is innocent is in denial or a member of the church. Eddie Long and many other Politicians who were married with kids who ALSO spoke out against HOMOSEXUALITY - in time turned out themselves to have lived SECRET GAY lives. Eddie Long is gay.

  3. One of the Bishop's accusers has challenged him to look him in the eye and deny that he engaged in a sexual relationship with him... the ball's in the Bishop's court

  4. Bishop Long pictures have just been released allegedly from the very individuals who are suing him. Bishop Eddie Long is a pastor of a very large church in Georgia. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church claims over 24,000 members. The Bishop Long scandal entails some boys which were mentored by Long. Bishop Long has preached a fervently anti-gay information for years, which makes the charges against him of unacceptable sex acts with boys that much more odd.

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