Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal and Controversy Update

Bishop Eddie Long's sexual abuse scandal and controversy looms. Long is the "bishop" of an Atlanta area Missionary Baptist megachurch which boasts a membership of 25,000. There are three young men who claim that Long seduced them with lavish gifts and trips, requesting sexual favors in return.

The claims are shocking, considering that Eddie Long is known as someone who is strongly against homosexuality and has even lobbied against same sex marriage. If the allegations are true, he will be seen as a hypocrite.

Long denies the claims, and is "deeply hurt" by the allegations. He maintains that the truth will eventually surface in the lawsuits filed by the three men.

Photos, text messages, phone calls, and emails are rumored to be "evidence" of the alleged sexual abuse. These types of allegations involving religious leaders aren't unheard of. In fact, the Catholic church has also been criticized because of pedophiles and other sexual misconduct. The Bishop Eddie Long scandal and controversy will continue until answers surface in this matter.

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