Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Ops Beta Call Of Duty (UPDATE)

Treyarch has announced that they will not be releasing Call Of Duty 2 Black Ops beta. There are many Call of Duty fans not happy about this decision. As you know, Call of Duty is a great game, and everyone was waiting on the beta version to come out, but it doesn’t look like it will happen.

There are a lot of customers still wishing that Treyarch will release the game but don’t get your hopes up. Still, the maker of Call of Duty has released some cool stuff here lately so one can still hope that the COD game might be released in the future.

You can still preorder the game, and despite the fact that some jerk forged some photos and started a Black Ops beta rumor - you MUST get this game as soon as it is released. The trailer for the multiplayer game was released yesterday.


  1. that really sucks!! they really should make one!

  2. thats so GAY. if they dont, its gonna be a glitch/hack fest, n?(MW2)

  3. the multi player trailer says full multiplayer black ops beta 9/1/2010 why is this if its not true????


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