Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sarah Palin Vanity Fair Article a Questionable Piece at Best

Sarah Palin's Vanity Fair article is questionable, at best.  Vanity Fair published a 10,000 word piece about former VP hopeful Sarah Palin - and reporters who fact check have noticed several holes in what was supposed to be a strong attack against her.

The article even went as far to say that she used her children as political props - especially her special child Trig.  Trig has Downs Syndrome.  However, the event that the article discussed was one that Trig did not attend. 

The article is so grotesque, that even a feminist who neither approves of Sarah Palin or politics in general is speaking out about the whole article.  Melissa McEwan says:

"Gross' article, however, amounts to very little but "Sarah Palin is the worst because she's in politics...and is A WOMAN. Sure, it's covert sexism. Gross doesn't talk about her boobs or use identifiable misogynist epithets to describe her, but it's sexism nevertheless, as the (frequently dislikable) habits of many major politicians, of both parties, are used to build the case that Palin is remarkably awful. But there is nothing particularly remarkable about a politician who requires family members get permission to grant interviews. Nor about a politician who ambitiously trades favors and ruthlessly gets people fired who cross her. Nor about a politician who acts like an entitled ass. What makes this article the worst thing I've read all day is the fact that most of what's in it is the sort of [expletive] that is considered (rightly or wrongly) the mundane business of doing politics, and yet is somehow ZOMG SHOCKING when done by Sarah Palin."

Although Sarah Palin is almost as controversial as Glenn Beck, she tends to avoid the mainstream media.  She favors more conservative media outlets such as the controversial Fox News.  She's a working mom, a politician, and a Fox News contributor.  It seems like at the height of her career, her adversaries want to tear her down. 

It sure did backfire, didn't it? 


  1. This is what a reader of Alaska Daily News, Gingerbread, posted in the comments of an editorial on the VF story:

    I, for one, am familiar with some of the details and people interviewed in the article, and can tell you that Mr. Gross has done his homework. The fact that the article exposes Palin in a light that you don't want to see does not make it untrue.

    Do you REALLY think that a magazine of the caliber and reputation of "Vanity Fair" would actually choose to publish an article full of lies when it could (and surely WOULD) be sued for libel by Ms. Palin and her followers?

    Read more:

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