Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carl Paladino, NY Tea Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Answers Issues (VIDEO)

Carl Paladino is the Tea Party backed candidate for the New York gubernatorial race. Like many other notable candidates during the primaries, he pulled off a GOP upset by winning the primary despite being backed by the controversial tea party.

Paladino is willing to talk about the issues, and answer pressing questions about hard issues like Gay Marriage, the "Ground Zero Mosque" and - perhaps most controversial - abortion.

These are among the issues that voters are looking for today, and any insight as to a politician's belief can help or hurt them at the polls.

Most politicians live life in the grey and aren't too vocal about hot topics - especially when their view isn't the popular one. Not so for Paladino, who flat out told CNN that he opposes not only the Ground Zero Mosque, but also gay marriage and abortion.

He even said that a woman who was raped or a pregnancy from an incestual relationship should be forced to be brought to term, when the baby could be adopted.

Paladino also suggested that elected governor, he would try to seize Cordoba project land as eminent domain, thus thwarting the construction of the Islamic community center.

There are likely many who share his views, and we can respect his candid nature in this interview. However, given the liberal nature of the state of New York, I cannot see how Carl Paladino, the Tea Party backed candidate, will win the 2010 elections.

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  1. Damn,

    i am from Buffalo area, so I know that Paladino understands the issues that are important to the area, and i liked him.

    But after watching that, Iam heartbroken that come November, I wont like the canidate i vote for, considering i am not a Lazio or Coumo fan either


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