Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: New York Jets Reporter Ines Sainz is "Bootylicious" "Boobalicious"

Rush Limbaugh claims that Ines Sainz, a TV Azteca reporter covering the NY Jets is "bootylicious" and "boobalicious." The thing about Rush Limbaugh is he says what's on his mind and doesn't seem to honor politically correct guidelines that many of those in the media do.

Ines Sainz is a reporter for TV Azteca that claimed to have been uncomfortable while trying to report on the NFL team. Although she didn't lodge a formal complaint, some Twitter comments that she made have perked the NFL's ears.

As you know, the NFL doesn't tolerate any sideways conduct. They expect players to behave like "gentlemen" at all times - and that's a noble expectation.

Well, Sainz says she couldn't have conducted locker room interviews of the players because of "Male Hormones."

What's erupted from all this is, of course, a media circus. Does Ines dress inappropriately, and therefore "deserve" the treatment she allegedly received, or should she be treated professionally no matter how she portrays herself?

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  1. shes just a whore looking for attention,DUH,stup. woman have no business in football, its just a distraction all the way around which is why this crap happened


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