Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christine O'Donnell For Senate? A Tea Party Candidate Dabbled in Witchcraft? (VIDEO)

Christine O'Donnell for Senate? The controversial Delaware GOP candidate for Senate is backed by the Tea Party, and it seems as if she has skeletons popping out of her closet everywhere. She's the "ultra conservative" candidate, yet Bill Maher host of the former show "Politically Incorrect" brought back a strange video clip from 1999 that I am shocked that her opposition didn't bring out during the campaign.

O'Donnell admitted that she "dabbled in witchcraft." Yes, that's right...witchcraft. Could it be witchcraft on the part of Christine O'Donnell that brought her the 1,500 votes by which she won over her primary opponent?

All jokes aside, the nomination of Tea Party candidates goes to show that the face of American politics is changing, and people are tired of the way things have been for the last ten years. During the Bush Administration, people grew tired and wanted change. Obama promised it, but now, that's not the right "change."

O'Donnell has a lot of fans, but she also has people, even those within the GOP including Karl Rove, that don't think she's the right candidate. It's unlikely that she will be elected to Senator - which harms the chances of a GOP domination.

Still don't believe that "Christine O'Donnell for Senate" dabbled in Witchcraft? See the video clip below.

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