Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ex Army Soldier Takes Hostages, Demands Psychiatric Help

An (ex) Soldier at Fort Stewart in Georgia took hostages, and demanded psychiatric help.  The individual, whose name has not been released by the army, took four loaded guns with him into a medical center.  He took hostages, demanded psychiatric help and a nurse helped talk him in to a peaceful surrender with the police. 

The individual is an ex-soldier and therefore is really a civilian.  A medic, a psychiatric nurse, and a tech who refused to let him through a door to the patient area were the hostages.

Since the individual is civilian, the FBI was called in to the investigation. 

The ex-soldier had some effects of his past services, and according to the Associated Press "He hadn't gotten the care that he wanted and he wanted it now,"

The army says he will have to "face the consequences" for obviously breaking the law,   "But we are going to get him the help for behavioral health."

I would like to think that the military is doing whatever they can to help traumatized soldiers upon their return home.   This situation where an ex army soldier takes hostages and demands psychiatric help indicates some form of disconnect that exists, even if only for one soldier. 

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