Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Burn a Koran Day Begins a Big Controversy

"Burn a Koran Day" and Quran burning in general is opening up a can of worms.  A pastor in Gainesville Florida decided to start up a Koran burning ceremony in protest of the Islam radicals.  The State Department has come forward and said that the proposed event is "un-American."

However, the part of America that makes it "American" is that it is a freedom of expression.  The Koran Burning day is in protest of the 9/11 attacks, and is showcases the sentiment that experts thought would be present after the attacks.


Little is done to combat other countries protesting the US by burning our flags, and I'd venture to say little would be done if a group of Muslims decided to burn a pile of Bibles. 

Of course the sentiment isn't one that evokes friendly feelings, but the fact of the matter remains that Americans and the Muslim world is at odds right now.  There's little that can be done until both sides can get along, and right now it doesn't look like either side is ready to get along.

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