Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center Built as a Memorial (Photo, Video)

A Freedom Tower, at One World Trade center, is being built where the Twin Towers fell. Today is a day to remember the fallen Americans - those who were impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Actually, we should never forget this day - we should be reminded each and every day of what happened. 

The Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center sends a powerful message to our adversaries: whatever you tear down, we can build back - and better. 

A video of the events of 911 can be found here. 

The Freedom Tower may not be ready until 2013.  It will be the tallest building in the US, standing at a planned 1,776 feet.  A couple other high rise office buildings will built in the area, along with a memorial garden (in its final stages), reflection pool, and September 11 memorial museum.

Here is a photo of the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center and a video about it. What do you think about this? 


  1. You did a great job Jennifer, I can't believe it has been nine years.

  2. That's fantastic. Thanks for doing that. You are a patriot. God love you.
    It's exciting to see it all coming together.

  3. Well done Jennifer.

  4. Build it bigger and better. It should be the tallest building in this country! Be proud to ba an American and show terrorists we are not afraid and will not be pushed around. Can't wait for it to be completed.

  5. God bless America! God bless those who lost their lives this fateful day 9 years ago. God bless their families and loved ones. May we never ever forget! I am proud to be an American!!! Let us show the terrorists what we STAND for!!! Freedom, honor,faith,love,hope and most of all, that we are people of one true God and when push comes to shove, we will help one another in time of need. We will reach out our hands to help our brothers and our sisters. We will prevail!!!! We will not be afraid!!God bless America!! God bless the Freedom Tower


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