Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glenn Beck and Goldline Congressional Probe [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck's "Goldline" sponsor was interrogated by congress, after Anthony Weiner called for an investigation. Glenn Beck is accused of using fear tactics to funnel sales to the sponsor, which he didn't disclose properly. His failure to disclose Goldline was seen as unethical, and as such caused problems for Fox News.

Now, it appears as if the Congressional probe into Goldline is continuing. Considering that Gold prices are at all time highs in excess of $1,300 it comes as no surprise that people are taking an interest in precious metals. Well, there are accusations that Goldline has grossly overstated prices, essentially gouging customers.

The "victims" of Goldline's "unfair" sales tactics are often educated middle class citizens according to Weiner. These people are convinced to pay many times the market rate for Gold. Beck peddles overpriced antique coins as a means to ensure that the government doesn't confiscate investments as they did in 1933.

However, if the "victims" are "educated" then they should be able to weigh the pros and cons themselves. The hearing had no result, although Anthony Weiner is calling for Beck to stop promoting the sponsor on his site and on Fox News and elsewhere.

What are your thought's about Glenn Beck's Goldine?


  1. I have a comment. I am conservative and even like Fox News. Goldline is a horrid company that prey upon people. They are sickening and should be put out of business AND pay back everyone they defrauded WITH triple damages!
    I am one of those people. They tell you a ton of lies, hype, misrepresentations, half-truths and you suffer. Your investment, to invest in gold, is worthless but they profited obscenely.
    Michael Drake is one of the Goldline reps there. He is a manipulative liar.


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