Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: Evolution, US Senate Race and Witchcraft [VIDEO]

Christine O'Donnell evolution claims are surfacing a week after a clip surfaced that said she "dabbled in witchcraft." This time, the conservative Tea Party Backed senate hopeful has been ousted as claiming that evolution is a "myth."

Obviously she doesn't understand the theory of evolution. O'Donnell asked what she thought was a very intelligent question, and that's "if evolution is real, why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?"

The theory of evolution claims that we have the same origin as the monkey does, but through survival of the fittest. Evolution is how man came to be - not something that is currently happening. I am not saying this as my personal belief, I am saying it as how I understood it from science class many years ago. Still yet, that is knowledge I gained as a younger child and information that O'Donnell should have learned, too.

So which do you think was worse - the witchcraft confession, or the video below about evolution? If you missed the witchcraft video, click here to view.

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  1. "Evolution is how man came to be - not something that is currently happening..."

    Actually Evolution is a gradual process that will never stop.

    It's happening now, to us and to other animals, we are watching it happen, we are discovering new species, creating new species and watching species become extinct. We are currently watching adaptation and genetic variation, all these things fall under Evolution.

    People's mouths are getting smaller, some people are being born without wisdom teeth, some even without incisors.

    Evolution is without a doubt still happening and the signs are obvious.


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