Monday, September 20, 2010

Glenn Beck: Jon Stewart "Restoring Sanity" Rally and Colbert "March to Keep Fear Alive" a Consipiracy

Glenn Beck thinks Jon Stewart's "Restoring Sanity" rally and Colbert's "March to Keep Fear Alive" rally are a left-wing conspiracy, aimed at getting the nation's youth to vote. Glenn Beck's rally conspiracy theory is tied into the labor unions, which isn't exactly unlike the Fox News show host.

Now, Glenn Beck does have some good ideas, but these rallies are pretty much just a joke playing off the restoring honor rally. Of course, being that Stewart and Colbert are two high-profile left wing comedians and political personalities and Beck is a high-profile right wing political personality (but definitely not a comedian.) There's bound to be some friction between them.

However, Beck thinks that this rally will get the youth energized and have them 'vote with the labor unions.'

Despite Beck's insistence that the rally will help the liberals, many Democratic strategists claim that the rally could actually hurt the Democratic efforts by attracting all of the die-hard activists who typically knock on doors the weekend before the elections.

What do you think of Glenn Beck's comments about Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert's rallies?

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  1. in an interview of Glenn Beck with 20/20, Beck admitted that he converted to Mormonism without spiritual conviction and mocked religion believes as a joke; but in a rally with Sarah Palin, Beck positions himself as a Christian leader?

    Glenn Beck on 20/20 “Phony Mormonism conversion”

    Glenn Beck: “…My wife is like hot and she wouldn’t have sex with me until we get married and she wouldn’t marry me unless we have a religion and I like…EKKKKK …you have to be kidding me…I have to go to church for this…”


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