Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: 28% Approval Rating, Yet Plans Move Forward

The Ground Zero mosque is perhaps one of the most divisive political topics in recent months.   A 13 story Islamic community center is being planned 300 yards from the Ground Zero memorial museum, garden, and new Freedom Tower.  

Most Americans - a whopping 62% - oppose of the mosque, citing not reasoning involving the constitutionality of such building, questioning instead the appropriateness of the mosque. 

Still yet, plans to build the center move forward, amid Koran burning scandals, hurt feelings, and pleadings from the family of the victims. 

America was founded on democracy, and in democracy the majority rules. Of course the constitutional right to build a place of worship in that location exists.  However, there's a legitimate reason that people do not want the Ground Zero mosque there. So you weigh in - should the 911 mosque be built in its proposed location?

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  1. Prop. 203 is not out yet! Where do you get your information? With that margin down to under 4k we gained 3000 some yeses in 65k votes do the math there are over 300k ballots left.... welp regardless if it passes or not I will be enjoying a fine blend of delicious marijuana. And for all you people who says its not medical because it doesn't cure anything? What does xanix and all of your oppium based pain medicine cure? Nothing just one man trying to control another


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