Monday, September 27, 2010

Hesco Bastion Ltd. Founder, Segway Company Owner James Heselden Dies in Segway Accident

Hesco Bastion LTD founder James Heselden, who also owns Segway, Inc. died after driving one of the company’s people movers off a cliff, according to reports. Currently, there’s nothing to suggest that the Hesco Bastion founder and Segway Owner James Heselden died because of anything other than a very tragic accident.

The accident occurred in River Wharfe in West Yorkshire . He was pronounced dead at the scene and a self-balancing people mover was recovered from the water.

George W. Bush was once photographed leaping from one of the Segway people movers after losing control of it while vacationing in Maine. That photo can be seen below. That same year a safety recall was issued for 6,000 units, as fears of

increased fall risks mounted.

The millionaire’s company Hesco Bastion had just purchased Segway, Inc. this year. His family has asked for privacy right now. Currently, there’s no indication what happened to cause the tragic accident that killed James Heselden.

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