Monday, September 27, 2010

Eddie Long Scandal: Bishop's Pictures Add Scandal Elements

Bishop Eddie Long's Scandal continues amid his discussion with his congregation yesterday. While many were hoping for a big explanation, the religious leader was short, succinct, and to the point. HE is going to fight the allegations in a court of justice rather in the court of public opinion.

The Bishop Eddie Long scandal isn't the first time a religious leader has been accused of sexual misconduct. The Roman Catholic church has had their fair share of scandals, and there have been many other religious leaders over the years who have abused their spiritual authority.

Many were quite shocked that the Bishop didn't all out deny the allegations about gay sex. He's long been a force against same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general. To think that he was doing the very acts he didn't condone is troubling, at best.

Still yet, we can't judge the bishop. A judge or a jury will be charged with that, and they will be given all the evidence needed to make the best decision possible. It's important to note that the Bishop Eddie Long scandal hasn't yielded a criminal investigation, and that the suits are civil for this scandal right now.

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