Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lady Gaga Meat Dress and Outfit For Anti "Don't Ask Don't Tell" May Not Help Repeal (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga's meat dress and outfit was a statement to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell." However effective Lady Gaga's meat dress was with creating headlines, it doesn't look like it affected the vote to repeal the controversial military law, which prohibits gays and lesbians from serving in the armed services.

Lady Gaga wore a dress made of prime cuts of raw meat while accepting various awards at the 2010 Video Music Awards.

Gaga didn't get the buzz and hype surrounding the dress, and says "What's Everyone's Problem with my meat dress?"

Um. It's not cooked, and it's raw meat which usually goes rancid after a few hours...

She goes on to say that "Next Time I will Wear a Tofu Dress and the soy milk police will come after me."

Still yet, the reason for wearing the dress - to discuss her views on Don't Ask Don't Tell - appears to have worked, as it got everyone talking. It even got her invited to a DATD rally in Maine.

A video of Lady Gaga discussing the meat dress can be found here.

Lady Gaga speaking at the DATD rally in Maine after wearing her meat dress can be found below.

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