Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2010 Highlights and Results (VIDEO)

Manchester United vs Liverpool 2010 highlights and results are sought by soccer fans the world over. Highlights and results from this highly anticipated soccer match were desired by all soccer fans. As always, the team delivered a suspenseful matchup.

Manchester United had a near loss in their 3-2 defeat of Liverpool. Dimitar Berbatov scored the winning goal six minutes before regulation time was called.

The goal was amazing. The Bulgarian had his back to the goal and did an overhead kick that hit the crossbars of the goal and sunk in the net. It was a sight to see!

Manchester United player Wayne Rooney is still performing despite being caught up in a scandal. He was recently ousted by a high-dollar call girl for his 1,200 GBP per night meetings with her.

Below are the video highlights of Liverpool vs Manchester United 2010 soccer:

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