Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin and DWTS Season 11 Premiere?

Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin and DWTS season premiere is something highly anticipated as we get ready for tomorrow's debut.  According to TMZ, the former Vice Presidential hopeful is going to grace the set of the Dancing with the Stars season premiere to cheer on her eldest daughter, Bristol.

Many are expecting Bristol Palin to become the "Kate Gosselin" of Season 11, sort of naggish and not a favorite with the viewers at home.  Still yet, many are rooting for the single mom of one, who even went as far as to ban Levi Johnston from coming to the set. 

"The Situation" from Jersey Shore is rumored to be making it his mission to "hook up" with Palin, but will Sarah Palin stand in the way? Perhaps Mike Sorentino will take a couple notes from Levi Johnston and steer clear of the Palin Matriarch. 

For Sarah Palin to show up on the DWTS season premiere would be a great opportunity to spread Tea Party cheer, plus boost ratings for the show.  Who might even keep her daughter on the show a wee bit longer than everyone expects. 

What do you think? Are you happy that Sarah Palin will be on DWTS? 

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