Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meghan McCain Campaign Memoir as Dirty, Sexy Politics as Sexy as Twitter Breasts Photo?

Meghan McCain's 2008 campaign memoir is surfacing, and many are lead to wonder if it beats her Twitter breast photo. McCain is the daughter of former presidential hopeful John McCain, and is a popular conservative republican Blogger.

McCain's Memoir, titled Dirty Sexy Politics is out today. In the book, McCain makes some pretty...interesting confessions.

Perhaps the funniest thing in the book is that she talks of a weird mini "obsession" with Mitt Romney, and even admits to stealing campaign signs during a Republican primary.

When speaking of Romney, she called him handsome in a "teeth whitening commercial" kind of way, and discusses dread that ensued from the possibility that her father would choose him as a running mate.

If you are in to conservative politics, Megan McCain's memoir is a great read. If you're a liberal, it might give you some laughs. Either way the campaign from the perspective of Meghan McCain is available at a bookstore near you.

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