Wednesday, September 15, 2010

North Carolina Senate Race Primary Results 2010

The North Carolina senate race during the 2010 primary elections included a race between Richard Burr and Elaine Marshall. Burr is the Republican incumbent for the race, and Elaine Marshall is a Democrat hoping to unseat him.

Burr is finishing out his first term in office, after serving in the House.  He was one of the first Congressmen from the Republican Party elected to the House from his 5th congressional district in 20 years (at the time of election).  He’s John Edwards’ replacement. He’s backed by Sarah Palin, so people are keeping an eye on him. This isn’t an incumbent-friendly seat, as no one has been re-elected since 1970.

Elaine Marshall is not new to North Carolina politics. She’s served as the state’s Secretary of State since 1997, the first woman to hold that office. She supports the public option, and tax credits for the low-income and middle class.

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