Thursday, September 9, 2010

NY Man Survives after Fall Onto 3rd Rail of Subway Track

A New York man has survived after a fall onto the 3rd rail of a subway track. Andy Morris is 44 years old and survived a fall onto the electrical rail of the subway track. Smoke appeared to come from his head, and this New York man is in the Staten Island Hospital burn unit recovering from his injuries.

He doesn't remember a thing about falling on to the subway track. What happened? A fight erupted on the platform, and Morris is said to have looked drunk. He was stumbling around swinging at the guy he was arguing with.

People tried to climb onto the rail to rescue him, but backed away when they saw they could be electrocuted. Luckily, the power was shut off in time.

Morris is currently living in a homeless shelter after losing his job as a construction worker. This New York Man who survived a fall onto the 3rd rail of the subway track is lucky to be alive, but worries about what the future might bring as his hands are burned pretty badly.

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