Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thai Airlines Bomb Threat a Hoax

The Thai Airlines bomb threat where authorities found a note in a lavoratory on a flight from Thailand to LA on Thai Airways which said a bomb was on the plane.  The message was written on a mirror. 

The plane landed safely in LA and was taken to a remote area where it was met by authorities for a thorough searching.  There was no indication that there was any issue with the plane. 

Making these kinds of threats is a federal offense, and one that can land you in jail for up to five years.  So far, there's no reason to believe that a crew member was involved in this instance. 

It's kind of sad that people do these things.  After all, can you imagine the hundreds of people this inconvenienced, and how much money this cost taxpayers and the airline? 

The plane's return flight was delayed several hours, and didn't take off until 2:30 am on Wednesday morning. 

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