Monday, September 13, 2010

Playboy Model Tiffany Livingston and JetBlue Meltdown

Playboy model Tiffany Livingston had a very public JetBlue meltdown.  While mid-flight, Tiffany Livingston seemed to have some sort of panic attack, and tried to open up the door to the airplane.  Yes, that's right - she tried to open the door to the plane.

Livingston was detained, and charges are pending.  In the meantime, people are supportive of her, as she is certainly suffering from sort of panic disorder. However, a source close to the model shared with the New York Post that Tiffany forgot her medication.

Tiffany Livingston was featured in the pages of VIP, Singapore's version of Playboy.  She was hailed for her maturity, and introduced as "not just another pretty face."

Do you think that Livingston should face federal charges for this meltdown, or do you think they should let her off the hook because of her obvious medical problems?

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