Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Party Activists at Capital Hill 'Remember November'

Tea Party activists at Capitol Hill marched today on 9/12 to show the cause they are building for "Remember November."  While it's not certain if the Tea Party is going to take over the government, they are sure taking the country by storm and changing the political landscape. 

The Tea Party is a grassroots movement that was created to show opposition for the way the government is operating. They believe in a variety of things, and two big names associated with the Tea Party are Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. They claim to wish to bring the US back to the values that the founding fathers had.

Protesters were poking fun at the current administration, wearing shirts that read "I may be a redneck but I know how to balance a checkbook" and all out peacefully expressing their views.

Will the Tea Party change the landscape of Capital Hill? Many expect a lot of democrats to lose their seats this year during the mid-term elections. These activists are showing the leaders that Americans are tired, and ready for a change.

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