Monday, September 6, 2010

Prince William, Kate Middleton to Marry in 2011?

Prince William, Kate Middleton are rumored to be getting married in 2011.  Of course, the Royal family isn't talking - but the internet gossip mills are.  Prince William has been many girls' "Prince Charming." I remember my younger sister and her friends arguing about which one of them he'd marry.

William is larger than life - sort of like his mother, Princess Diana.  Diana's sudden death shook the world to its core, and all around the world people mourned.  Hearts ached all over for William, who has his mother's good looks and heart, as he looked so very distraught.

To think that Prince William is getting married is to shatter many dreams, but it is only to be expected.  He's 28 years old! It's time for him to get married, particularly considering his royal lineage.  

Kate Middleton is his rumored bride. She's in love with William (who isn't?) and sources are reported to have said ‘Kate’s life revolves around William and that’s what makes her happy. She will probably spend more time in Berkshire with her family when William is on operation.’ when speaking about the possibility of William being away from her for extended periods of time as he wraps up his studies as a search and rescue pilot.

No engagement has been formally confirmed between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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