Monday, September 6, 2010

Iran Stoning: An Adulterous Woman's Son Fears Execution After Ramadan

In Iran, stoning is a punishment used for adultery.  An Iranian woman accused of being adulterous faces stoning as an execution, and her son fears that she will be executed after the Holy Month of Ramadan is over.  

Right now, the Muslim World is under the Holy Month of Ramadan, and as a result, these types of executions don't take place. However under Islamic law the executions can resume after the holiday is over.

However, it will soon be over and Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani could be executed soon. Her son hasn't been able to speak to her since she made a public apology in August.

Click here to find out what politician's wife an Iranian newspaper said deserves to die. 

Many believe that the "apology" was co-erced from the Iranian government. 

There has been international outcry over the potential stoning.  People in the western world don't understand why something such as adultery would warrant death.  People in Middle Eastern societies want the western world to leave them to their own devices. 

Ironically, she's being put to death for adultery but only received a 10 year prison sentence for participating in her husband's murder.

A female journalist has said the following of Ashtiani "Sakineh is the symbol of all the women who are tortured and assaulted in prison in Iran. I hope international support, as well as obtaining Sakineh's liberation, will open the way to a change in this situation."

What do you think of this Iran Stoning situation?

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  1. While I have never been a big fan of childish terms such as "evil empire" or the "trinity of evil", I am not sure how else a person of conscience regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, etc. could describe Iran. Stoning executions in general and the Ashtiani case in particular struck such a nerve in me that I wrote the following article:
    I hope that sufficient international exposure concerning her case will compel the Iranian government to release her.

    M. Varn Chandola


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