Sunday, September 5, 2010

Puppy-Throwing Girl a Bosnian Minor

A "puppy-throwing girl" made viral internet waves last week when a video was posted of her throwing black and white puppies, one at a time, into a river. The so-called "girl throw puppies into river" video became the latest outrage.

The video can be found here.
Internet sleuths from 4Chan and all across the web were outraged, and called for the prompt identification of the girl.

Unfortunately, we will never know her name, as she's a minor. Her parents have been arrested in connection with the incident, although it's likely that the only thing that will happen is that a fine will be levied between 15 and 5,000 euro.

This, coupled with Mary Bale- the English lady who threw a cat in a dumpster, having to have police protection because of the angry internet crowd that ensued shows just how powerful the net has become.

Hopefully people will have to obey the golden rule, and be nicer to each others and animals now that everything they do could be broadcast online.


  1. The girl's name has been printed in the UK press. She is a Bosnian Muslim girl and it looks like authorities are protecting her. I don't know why the press is refusing to report the fact that this happened by a Muslim in a Muslim region.

  2. Her parents have NOT been arrested they were just interviewed.

    There are still war criminal walking the streets of Bosnia and some crazy Movie director put a $50,000 reward for her arrest.
    I wonder is he will also post a reward for some of the war criminals who have killed hundreds of people.

    A group of Face Book vigilantes attacked a girl in Germany when they posted her name.
    People have to calm down and put this into perspective.

  3. Her parents were FINED

    Her father did an interview with the Bosnian press stating her daughter never threw the puppies. Last name 'Pavlovic'

    A few clicks of google you will find out her first name.

  4. Stop lying man !

    She us a Catholic girl, not "a Muslim."

    And authorities are not protecting her ! She ended up on a Psychiatric Ward because of "witchhunt" which developed over her recent act on the Internet worldwide.

    I am not excusing her act, which was particularly heartless and cruel, but she is only 12 years old, and the lot of comments that were directed towards her on various Web-sites, are as cruel as her actions.

    I feel disgusted by both.

  5. No normal 12 year old I know gets such a sick kick out of tossing puppies into a river....I'm just sayin'.

  6. She's a country girl whose families chickens are more valuable than mutt dogs. This is just country style animal control. Dad sent her out with a paint bucket of puppies, told her "you know the drill." Guess what. They cut the heads off their own chickens too.


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