Sunday, September 5, 2010

FBI Busted Human Trafficking Ring has Hawaii, Florida Connections

The FBI has busted a large human trafficking ring which lured Thai workers to Hawaii. The human trafficking ring operated on a "bait-and-switch" where Thai workers were recruited and promised high paying jobs in the US. However, when they arrived here their papers were taken away and they were forced to work in farms.

Over 400 workers fell victim to the ring.

Clare Hanusz, an immigration attorney from Honolulu that is representing 56 workers in the probe, said that "There's a good chance that all of us, over the past few years, have purchased fruits or vegetables or coffee that was harvested by some of these guys. There's a very good chance,"

In addition to being employed on the Hawaiian Islands, some workers were shipped to Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, and other states.

This is the largest such ring ever charged in the US.

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