Friday, September 17, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Disses Karl Rove after Christine O'Donnell Comments (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh dissed Karl Rove after he made negative remarks about Delaware GOP senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell. Although Rove is a Republican himself, he showcased a very common sentiment within the party. The Tea Party Express backed O'Donnell, and although the Tea Party aligns themselves with the GOP, not all members of the party appreciate the movement.

Rove went as far as to say that O'Donnell's nomination made it so that less seats would be won for the Republicans. He pretty much declared her race a failure, and said that the Democrats would most likely win the Delaware seat once held by VP Biden.

Still yet, that's not exactly a good attitude to have if you are a member of the party you are ripping. Sarah Palin said that Rove needed to "Buck Up" and one conservative blogger said that Fox News should suspend Rove, pending an investigation into his objectivity.

Rush Limbaugh said that the GOP should go "balls to the walls" for O'Donnell. They have a battle ahead of them, alright. O'Donnell trails the democratic contender by 11 points, whereas her primary opponent actually lead the polls by the same amount.

This just once again indicates that although there's a strong anti-incumbent sentiment felt, there might not be enough steam to bring Capital Hill to the Republicans.

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  1. Any political party that would nominate someone like Christine O'Donnell for higher office is a political party that is not fit to govern. This woman has stolen money from the public by using campaign donations to pay her rent. She has lied about her education. She says that she stands for the principles that this country was founded on, including freedom. But is it freedom when you want to regulate people's thoughts? When you are not allowed to 'have lust in your heart' because it is against the biblical teachings and you want to have the government police that, would that not be tyranny? How big does the government need to be in order to intrude in your most intimate private moments of your life? When you want to write into law the bible, would that not infringe upon the freedom of religion? When you will be held accountable to biblical law, which is what this nutcase wants, would that not be a religious imposition upon the non-believers? isn't that the very definition of tyranny? This woman is a very scary individual who should not be in a position to make public policy. She belongs in the church not Washingtont DC... I am very afraid for this country and the future of all of us if this is the kind of nominee that the GOP is thrusting upon us this coming November. The GOP must sit this election out and think about what they really stand for.


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