Friday, September 17, 2010

Unemployment Extension and Jobs Bill for Small Businesses And the GOP

The unemployment extension hasn’t been passed, but the jobs bill for small businesses has. The lending act passed for small businesses is meant to stimulate job growth. However, there’s no discussion of an unemployment extension! The benefits we need to survive as 99ers likely won’t come before the four already existing tiers expire on November 30, 2010.

The only thing I didn’t understand about the passage of the extension of time to file for benefits extension is that it expired on November 30 – instead of expiring on January 31 or even February 28th after the new Congress members were able to get situated in their new posts.

Read more about unemployment benefits extension here.

Given that it’s the mid-term elections, there’s little focus on the unemployment extension. However, there are millions of Americans out there who need this, either because they have been without work for over 99 weeks or they find themselves near running out of extensions.

While Congress is worried about businesses big and small, they should be worried about American workers. We are the engine that runs this country, and without us nothing else matters. They need to think about the unemployment extension, and soon before this engine runs out of fuel and America is left stalled and stranded for good!


  1. I do not see a Tier 5 in the near future. 99'ers are on their own. Many are facing foreclosure and wondering what happens after Tier 4 runs out for those who are on Tier 4.

    For the ones who's Tier 4 already ran out will be left in the cold & starving..Literally.

    Only option is to go back to school and receive financial aid and rack up debt. The debt most likely will not be paid back if there are no jobs..meaning the diploma will be revoked by the feds for non payment.

    Its a messed up situation! Its reality.

  2. I understand how you feel because its hard to see positive when pretty much everything out there is negative. I still think they'll come up with a solution for the 99ers right before the holidays. They did the same thing last winter right before thanksgiving they extended the unemployment to 4 tiers. Now, the fifth tier I think is just a matter of who will get it and how its going to be paid for. Bottom line is, everything is such a mess, it makes everybody sick to their stomach. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Thats all I can say.


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