Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wisconsin Primary 2010 Election Results: Another Incumbent Bites the Dust

Wisconsin primary election results 2010 are in, and during the mid-terms the Senate GOP candidate will have his work cut out for him.  Russ Feingold, the Incumbent democratic Senator, is known for having independent views and has even been willing to vote outside party lines on key issues. 

There's been an Anti- Incumbent sentiment felt in recent years and at minimum the last few months, mainly for endless bailouts, and the lack of communication with the voting public.  The grassroots Tea Party movement has started, and people are calling for America to be restored to its original views and values. 

The ability of Tea Party backed candidates to win primary election goes to show you that the group is able to change the landscape of politics.  However, some people that typically vote Republican may opt for a democratic candidate over one endorsed by the Tea Party. 

Ron Johnson, the winner of Wisconsin's GOP nomination is backed by the state's Republican party.  So far there's no indication that he is also backed by the Tea Party Express.


  1. He didn't bite the dust, nothing of the sort happened in WI primaries. The only difference now is that we're 100% sure of the WI senate candidates instead of 99.9% sure.

  2. Have to agree with Noesis on that one. I've always voted for Fiengold, and now am spending a lot of money to see him go away because he forgot the people, not The Party sent him to Washington... But he didn't bite the dust, now he knows who to campaign against is all.

  3. Rationally speaking, our senator has been MIA for so long and the country is so screwed up, that it hardly pays to bother showing up any longer. Give me back my comfortable chair, that I never get out of, because the alternative is gloomy.


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