Saturday, September 25, 2010

Witt Verdict 2010 Against Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy

The 2010 Witt Verdict contradicts the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that has been part of military law since 1993 when an executive order was signed by Bill Clinton. For the past 17 years, homosexuals could not serve openly in the military. Any discussion of sexual preference could get you kicked out of the military.

It comes then as a big shocker that the Witt Verdict held the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy to be unconstitutional, and as such a lesbian was ordered to be reinstated to her job.

Witt was discharged from the Air Force in 2004 after it came to light that she was in a long-term relationship with a civilian woman. Witt was a highly decorated officer, and sued to get her job back.

Backed by an attorney and the ACLU, Witt's case has become the second ruling that indicates that DADT is unconstitutional.

The timing of the Witt verdict couldn't come at a better time. A GOP filibuster of the Defense Authorization bill blocked a critical repeal of the DADT policy. Many Americans are for the repeal of the controversial law, which would allow people to serve in the military and be openly gay as well.

Witt will be able to return to her position, as long as an appeal is not filed in the case.

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