Saturday, September 25, 2010

[VIDEO] Jon Stewart Shows 'Pledge to America' Nothing New

Jon Stewart showed that the GOP's "Pledge to America" was nothing more than rehashed political jargon that never worked for the party. Stewart claims that while the Republican Party is touting the 21 document as a "new" policy for Washington, filled with "new" ideas and fresh faces, it's really nothing more than the same policies that the party has had for years.

Using video editing, in the video below Jon Stewart basically "proves" his thesis. Admittedly, House minority leader John Boehner even said that the party won't be any different than they have been.

Those against the GOP remind us that it was the Republicans failed agenda that brought us in to the worst recession since the great depression. Furthermore, voters rejected the Republican viewpoint just two years ago. What can the "Pledge to America" do to change Capital Hill?

You can read the entire text of the "Pledge to America" here.

What do you think? Do you agree with Jon Stewart, or do you think that the Pledge really is new?

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