Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Performance Week 4

Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars performance in week 4 was week. Of course, Palin showed her "sexy" side by ripping off Mark Ballas's shirt...but the sexiness stopped there. Granted she did the dance far better than I ever will, but after seeing Jennifer Grey's performance this week there's no way on God's green earth that Bristol Palin will win this thing, unless the powers that be during the 2000 Presidential election handle the DWTS voting tallies.

Everyone is holding their breath, wondering when Palin will be sent home. She's not exactly detested by many - last season Kate Gosselin was absolutely HATED by the viewing audiences. This season, there's no really hated contestant...just some that are liked better than others.

Considering her background, young age, and that she's a single mom she's hanging in there quite well. There's just one thing I wonder about Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars...

Does Levi Johnston vote for her?


  1. I think Bristol was real sexy, I agree Mark didn't need to rip off his shirt tho. The judges were really harsh this week, to you and Sitch, I felt sorry for the singer voted off too, that was wayyyyy harsh on him. Your performance was great, keep up the good work and drop that loser, baby Daddy!

  2. Bristol has forfeited her modesty and morals
    to dress and dance like this?

    Does Bristol profess to be a Christian???
    It is sure a bad example she is setting for her
    younger sisters.

  3. OMGosh...we are now resorting to the "Christian" card!

  4. Bristol is a dull, inarticulate teenager who had multiple pregnancies by the age of eighteen. Why is she even in the national spotlight, she should be home raising her son. Likewise with her mother, Granny Grifter, who seems to be all but ignoring her special needs son. And why does her little daughter never seem to be in school.

  5. The organizers asked Bristol to participate, she is doing her best as novice.
    The jurors advised her to be more performing, so she and Mark are trying.
    It is supposed to be fun and show, promotion of dancing.
    Don't over discuss.

  6. Worry about your own life and less about Palins.
    Multiple pregnancies, hmm where do you get your info dear, MSNBC?
    Small minds breed small thoughts, you are mindless-and sadly, jealous.

  7. Worry about YOUR life and less about defending the Wasilla Hillbillies!

  8. Just because Bristol professes to be a Christian doesn't mean she can't enjoy herself and have fun on DWTS. If anything, she is a true Christian testimony to millions of people watching. Just realizing her modesty reveals her true inner self. Yes, she made a mistake in the past, but don't we all? After all, no one is perfect except for the One and Only, Jesus Christ!

  9. Gee, what other teens can we rip on that have become single parents? Hmm, what about those that are currently adults that may have become parents as a teenager? I think it is great to see her coming out of the box and trying something new! It takes a lot of courage knowing that you are the daughter of someone that people dislike. I personally think that her mom has a lot of guts too! It is about time to see a woman that is conservative speak out for once!

  10. I think she did great in the dance. She was graceful, sexy, and she has great legs!! She only has one child, never heard of any other pregnancies. I think she is very brave.

  11. If the Obama girls danced this provocative,
    half-dressed dance, the Republicans would
    be screaming 'TRAMP' yet when Bristol lap
    dances with her partner, it is perfectly ok
    with them.

  12. Actually, that is not the case. I was very disappointed in Bristol with this dance.

  13. i dont get it , what it the comparisson between bristol and obama;s daughter, lets say that if obama;s dayghter would dance the republicans would scream, i could understand that , after all they are the current presidents children , but bristol ? she and her mom are private citizens , not holding any public office, so why all the talk about her , i know why all you libarels are affraid that she will run and win the presidentcy one day,

  14. This should be called DANCING WITH THE TEA PARTY, because you KNOW where Bristol's votes are coming from. If she was a Palin, she would have been voted off before now. She is NOT on the show because she can dance.

  15. I apologize for that last post, its really none of my business. She seems like a sweet girl.


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