Monday, October 11, 2010

Chile Miners, Los 33, Brought to Surface by Wednesday?

Chile Miners: could 33 Chile miners trapped for weeks be pulled to the surface of a mine shaft where they've been trapped? Rescue workers in Chile have drilled a hole that has finally reached the room where the Chile miners have been trapped. The hole must be reinforced with steel before the rescues can begin.

It's reported that those being rescued at night will be rescued wearing sweaters and those rescued during the day will be wearing sunglasses. The men have been trapped in a mine that is 90 degrees in temperature and is devoid of sunlight.

You would think that "los 33" would be arguing over who got to go FIRST and get up there with their families. However, they are arguing over who goes last. They all have a camaraderie that is so strong, that each one would sacrifice their turn or their life for members of their crew.

We will keep you informed of the Chile Miners, Los 33, rescue efforts.

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