Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Security Cost of Living Increase 2011? Don't Count on It!

Social Security cost of living increase 2011? Don't count on it. Social Security recipients typically enjoy a modest annual increase in their benefits due to the increase in cost of living from year to year. Because of laws enacted in the past, benefits will never go down should cost of living go down.

The increases are typically modest - only a few per cent. However, it costs the government billions each and every year.

The Associated Press reports that an official announcement is supposed to be made by the Social Security administration this week which indicates that no COLA will be made this year - only the second time ever since inflation adjustments were made. The first? Last year.

This could be a blow to Democrats during the 2010 mid-term elections. At least 12 Senate Democrats voted along with the GOP earlier this year to fail to pass a provision that would have allowed a bonus payment of Social Security this year to make up for the lack of COLA adjustments..

Not only wasn't that passed, but the hopes of Social Security cost of living increase 2011 are slim, if not unexistant.


  1. Using their own reasoning, the Democrats have actually CUT Social Security:

    The good news is, that they DID manage to find over $20 million to "spread around" to their voter base, namely the dead and incarcerated felons:

    Hey, if I thought my career was dying and I was probably going to prison, I might do the same thing...


  2. SS would be semi ok if they stop borrowing the funds for other things like raises for polititions and goofie grants etc. We the people need to take control of our govt. that we worked years for.

  3. Typical governmental B.S. Why would they care about people on fixed incomes. They obviously do not shop or buy gas or anything else the aged general public does. Another reason why senior citizens don't believe in the government. Hey Feds: Get your Sh-- together for those who built this country!

  4. I have a fantasy that I would love to see play out in my lifetime. I would like to see the budget cut people in the Federal and State governments live on the amounts that Social Security Recipients, SSI Recipients, and Food Stamp recipients get to live on for about 6 months to a year before they decide to cut the COST OF LIVING INCREASES, and see what we go through to pay our bills, rent, utilities,and figure out to pay for food by Food Stamps. etc.

    The stipulation I also would put on them in this fantasy is that they have to complete the exercise.

    Trust me they wouldn't know what to do. They would be screaming with in a week or two like little children of how they can't afford anything or have extra money for anything.

    It's a fantasy. I would just like for them to see the other side of what we recipients deal with on a day to day basis.

  5. The people in Goverment could care less about the struggles of people on ssi and ssdi. When they retire they have a nice pension from the goverment. Its sad to see we work hard all our lives and in the end we struggle to try to keep what we have worked so hard for all our lives, and how degrading it is to stand a a food pantry line.


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